Analysis Of Regulative, Normative And Cognitive Contexts Within Mcdonalds Company

I will examine the meaning of regulative context, normative context and cognitive framework and compare it to the cultural perspective using McDonalds.

McDonald’s is a global corporation. The golden arches are recognizable by most people. Fox News reports that McDonalds operates 34,480 restaurants across 119 countries.

McDonalds Regulative contextThe policies and rules of work are the core elements that make up McDonalds regulative framework. McDonald’s codes of conduct are the basis for their policies. You can find them on McDonald’s website. McDonald’s code is mandatory for all employees.

Context normatif

McDonald’s normative framework is built around the work roles, norms and habits of its employees. McDonald’s has an established hierarchy for their job roles. Top of the list is the manager. Then comes the assistant manager. McDonald’s employees are all important to the company’s success.

Mental Environment

McDonalds’ cognitive contact is based on their values, beliefs and assumptions. McDonald’s mission states that “to become our customers’ favourite place and way of eating and drinking”. Plan to Win is a global strategy which focuses on an exceptional experience for customers – People Products Place Price Promotion. We are committed at improving our operation and customer experience continuously.

Contextual or cultural approach

McDonald’s is a company that I think benefits from a cultural approach. The organizational cultural perspective is defined as “the stories, artifacts, stories, actions, ways to think, and practices that characterize an organization”. Each employee contributes to the culture of an organization or company.

The cultural method examines employee interactions at work, norms, values, etc. The cultural approach is better than the context approach, because it concentrates on the employees’ contributions and how they interact with each other. Businesses would not succeed without dedicated, hardworking staff.

McDonald’s goes above and beyond to make sure that employees are happy. McDonald’s is a great place to work because it offers so many benefits.


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