Discussion On Whether To Educate Or Train Leaders Army

There has been endless discussion about the topic of whether to train or educate our leaders. This topic has always been a matter of adapting to the situation and enemy. Although technological advancements have been a dream for the past 30 years, the types of wars fought in the last 30 have changed so it is only fair that our methods shift from training to education. We have moved away from fighting on ground and boots to technological warfare. This includes everything from the environment and education that soldiers receive to their leadership skills. We can empower and educate soldiers to make them more resourceful and advanced leaders.

The military transition is an attempt to impact the outcome in wars 10-15 and 30 years down-the-road so that we don’t fall behind. 32 years back, the only way to educate soldiers was through brick-and-mortar schools and through distance learning with lessons and tests sent by mail. Today, there are so many ways for soldiers to be educated. It is possible to expect the digital transition to be a seamless one. We as a nation must keep our education up-to-date and improve our leadership abilities to compete with countries like Russia or China. These major powers are threatening the country in every aspect of war, land and air, as well as cyber dominance. We cannot afford to lose our leadership abilities and education.


  • owengriffiths

    Owen Griffiths is 35 years old and a blogger and teacher. He has written about education for over 10 years and has a passion for helping others learn.