Business Plan Of Bubble Tea Shop

ChatTime Bubble tea is unique. ChatTime began its expansion in 2005 with its first store opening in Taiwan. It now has 1000 stores in over 80 cities. ChatTime is available in the US and Canada, China, Japan. Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore. India, UK. UAE. Malaysia, Indonesia. Australia. Pakistan. This business plan is for an identical store that’s smaller than ChatTime to be opened in Guelph. Our store will be called ” T-Cozy Bubble Tea Shop Guelph”. The Guelph University will be a great location for the store. Many University students will flock to this area, particularly Asians.

The plan should be written using the first person. “We”, “our” and “us” will all be used. Opening a high-end business could cost more than $100,000. In addition, to run a successful bubble-tea shop, you need high-quality ingredients, well-trained workers, and good equipment. In order to do this, we will open a bubble tea shop that costs between $40,000 and $50,000. We will split the funds equally between ourselves. Also, we aim to reach positive cashflow by the sixth month. Also, we make a financial plan of $15,000 for the cash flow shortfall that will be experienced until cash flow is positive. To ensure that the business is profitable in its first year, we may require some funding from the bank. We are planning to open a shop of 100 square feet with sinks in stainless steel and counters made from the same material. This will save us money because we don’t want to expand. All other items will need to be customized later. You will also need utensils and plastic cups. Smaller stoves use less fuel and will save money over time. In order to keep our customers, we’ll need to develop online tools and social media, such as Google My Business or Open Table.

Aside from that, we offer high-quality products and services, friendly and knowledgeable employees, or a reward scheme for loyal customers. We aim to sell between 100 and 300 cups a day. The bubble tea lid sealing machine is cheaper and more authentic than traditional lids. It will also save you money over time. Other equipment is a blender and shaking cups. Fresh fruit, condensed/sweetened milk, different size plastic cups (including fat straws), flavored teas or powders with tapioca or other ingredients are also available. Taiwan’s high-quality ingredients and great taste will be used primarily. Taiwan also holds SGS HACCP ISO and SGS certifications. We will also visit Taiwan to research the different bubble tea shops before choosing a bubble tea supplier.

By partnering with Bubble-tea Influencers or Food Bloggers, we can boost our online presence and reach more customers. In addition, we are planning to train our staff to be more customer-friendly. We will also need to provide our employees with their own uniforms. Our goal is to obtain a license approved by Canada Food Safety in order to open the store before November. We will make our only income from this plan and will give it 100% of our effort to succeed. We believe that the key to success is getting things started right at the beginning. An effective plan and operation will save us time, energy and money.


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