Benefits And Disadvantages Of Concerning Using Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, a student at the University of California, San Francisco, founded Facebook in February 2004. “Facebook grew to include high school networks and then work networks. The site was later opened to users of all ages.” (Valenzuela Park & F. Kee (2008), p. 5. Facebook is today a very well-known network that connects people of all ages, including grandparents and children. It’s an online community where people can connect, communicate, and grow to know one another better. Nodaway Facebook is an essential part of your life. It allows us to stay connected with our loved ones, while also causing us harm. While there are many advantages to Facebook, there are also many drawbacks.

Facebook offers two main benefits. First, it allows users to video chat with friends, colleagues, family members, and send photos and videos. Example: My Vietnamese cousin lost touch with me after I arrived in America. However, she discovered my Facebook account by searching my real identity and I can keep in touch through Facebook with my whole family. I can always look at my cousin’s account and see her current status. She also has some thoughts about her day. This is another great feature of Facebook. Your friends can then react to your feelings. Facebook can also help online businesses grow. To connect with everyone, Facebook is one of the most popular sites. To build a relationship with customers and sell or promote products or services. This will increase your chances of making money through Facebook. Facebook has many advantages. However, people also spend too much time there. Facebook will allow you to make new friends and update your status. “My sister is a Facebook addict. She checks Facebook every five or ten minutes to see what her friends are up to. Many people won’t realize they spend hours on social media sites. They can accomplish many tasks with this time such as reading books, housework, homework, and helping others who are in need.

Another disadvantage to Facebook is the virus-scam. This can ruin your professional life. These are common problems that affect everyone. Many hackers send links like “Click here!” You can see Miley’s breakup with her boyfriend here. Click here or similar links to learn more. Clicking it can cause hackers to hack your profile or infect your computer with viruses. Another possibility is to ruin your professional career. If you apply for a job, employs will search for the profile page of the applicant on social media sites. They can see funny pictures and bad status. They won’t consider you a bad applicant and will decline to offer you a job.

The social network Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. When I’m bored at home or work, I can search for a game and chat with others. I can also read their status. Facebook can be addictive and can waste your time. Many people use Facebook as a journal to share their private lives.