Apple Company: Culture Of The Organization

Each organization is unique, just as people are. Culture is the key to an organization’s unique personality. Organization culture is a powerful influence on the behavior of people working together. Organization culture defines the common values and assumptions within an organisation. These shared values influence the behavior and performance of employees and have a significant impact on their work. Each organization has its own culture. This provides guidelines and boundaries that guide the behavior of each member.

Apple Inc.’s success depends on their company culture. The company’s culture is what determines its ability to support new strategies, market approaches and policies. Apple Inc can create a friendly work environment and reap the benefits. Apple must keep its employees happy if it is to stay innovative. Apple Inc employees are integrated and developed into an organization culture. They are innovative in their design and production of products. Apple Inc is constantly improving its culture to adapt to the changing business environment. Apple Inc’s most important culture is:

Top-notch excellence

Apple Inc has a selection policy. Since its inception, the company has chosen only the most qualified workers. Tim Cook has maintained this tradition by firing employees who don’t conform to the company’s standards. The business places importance on excellence, particularly when it comes to product design and production.


Apple Inc is often called one of the top innovative companies in America. All employees are taught and encouraged to invent.


Apple Inc employees are chosen for their creativity, knowledge, and skills. The company’s culture emphasizes creativity. The employees involved in product development and design are creative. Apple Inc has a culture that encourages creativity and helps it to meet its customers’ needs.


Secrecy plays an important role in the company’s efforts to protect intellectual property and confidential information. It is part of the companies’ employment contract and polices. This protects the business against employee theft.

Moderate combativeness

Apple Inc is known for their moderate combative organizational culture. This characteristic can be attributed to Steve Jobs’s aggressive leadership style. He used to challenge employees at random to make sure they were ready to take on the challenges of Apple Inc. Under Tim Cook’s leadership, things have changed. The company culture is more friendly and less combative. The company culture is now moderately combative.